Home Remedies For Chest Congestion – Find Some Of The Effective Remedies Available

Home remedies for chest congestion can be really helpful in getting rid of the chest congestions. This type of condition can be highly painful and uncomfortable. It can be the reason of excess fluid and mucus found in lungs and is accompanied through cough when the person is breathing in or out. There are numerous symptoms of chest congestion which includes the coughing, labored breathing, breath shortness, discomfort or chest pain, wheezing, runny nose, dizziness, chills and fever, body aches and general malaise. These symptoms can highly vary according to the different types of causes such as the allergies, flu and common cold. You can find some of the serious threats such as the asthma, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart failure and pulmonary edema.  Treatments can vary according to the patient severity and in this article there are some of the home remedies for chest congestion which are mentioned regarding to those which are not the life threatening ones.

The home remedies for chest congestion include the use of nebulizer which will help in relieving the congestion and easing the chest discomfort as it can help in clearing the airways through the phlegm loosening which can help in easing the cough up.

The other home remedies for chest congestion includes steam which is another best way of loosening the phlegm. You are required to the boil the water and adding little karvol in it. The patient must cover his head while steaming to keep on focused towards the steam and inhaling it deeply.

The other home remedies for chest congestion include the topical application which can be done through application of the aromatherapy oils on your chest which can also help in relieving the congested chest. There are different breathing exercises such as the yoga which can help in strengthening the lungs and improving its capacity. You must search for an exercise which suits your requirements and try doing it daily.

The other home remedies for chest congestion includes the intake of proper diet which must be full of nutrition which your body requires. This can help your immune system in fighting the blocked airways and clears them. Citrus fruits such as the lemons and oranges are also highly recommended. You must try consuming as much herbal tea as possible to make your immune system work properly.

Home Remedies For Flu – Get To Know Some Of The Top Remedies For Flu

Home remedies for flu are really supportive in getting rid of the viral infection which can influence the lungs, throat, nose and many other parts which includes the respiratory system. You will find common symptoms which are found while one is facing flu and these are known as running nose, sweats and chills, headache and high temperature. You can also figure out symptoms such as the back aches, washed out feeling and fatigue as well as vomiting and diarrhea in children. But you need not to worry about that as there are numerous home remedies for flu which are easily available these days.

The home remedies for flu include the homemade chicken soup which can help in handling the flu symptom. You must take as much rest as possible in handling the flu as it can help in relaxing your body and your immune system to tackle the virus. You must also try taking as much fruits as possible which are full of vitamin C such as the guava, mango, oranges etc which can also help in boosting your immune system and providing the relief from the flu symptoms.

The home remedies for flu also includes the chewing of ginger root cloves which can be mixed along with honey. Honey helps in preventing the cough if you take it with the hot water. Garlic can help in lessening the flu symptoms severity.  There are many other home remedies for flu such as the consumption of high amount of water which can help the body to remain hydrated. You must also try remaining indoors when suffering from flu as the moist air can help in preventing the flu from spreading and relieving the nasal congestion.

You can find the home remedies for flu such as the elderberry in form of syrup, tea or juice which can be helpful in knocking out the flu symptoms. The juice of elderberry can be stirred with the honey or lemon juice or prepared as a tea and consumed in purifying the skin and lungs. It has also some of the other capacities such as the generation of perspiration in reducing the fever. It also has the properties of calming the person available in it and it can also play the role of detoxifier in reducing the congestion which can be caused in the organs especially in the respiratory ones.

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks – Get To Know The Ways Of Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

Home remedies for stretch marks are really essential for the solutions of the stretch marks.  These scars are considered as the linear scars which can occur on your body when the skin passes through its flexibility capacities. This can happen because of the gain in weight due to pregnancy or excess body building.  It is highly advised to get rid of these scars and follow some of the home remedies for stretch marks by treating them as quickly as possible.  Some of them are mentioned below which you must follow.

The first important of all the home remedies for stretch marks includes dieting which is considered as the simplest one and involves eating healthy and diet which can be nutritional one as it can help in keeping the body hydrated. The body which is healthy is able to resist the stretch marks and can also repair the damages more efficiently. If you have good food, you can easily keep your skin healthy which includes the products which are made from fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables and even fish.

The other home remedies for stretch marks include the mineral and vitamin supplements which are required by the skin in order to stay flexible, healthy and supple. These vitamins include the K, C, E and A along with the mineral zinc. Taking a nutrient supplement, mineral and vitamin can help in ensuring your body has the essential ingredients and is found to be well equipped in defending and healing itself.

There are some other home remedies for stretch marks which includes the regular exercise which emphasizes the stretching can help in breaking down the scar tissues along with the increase in circulation and the flow of blood for the improve in nutrient delivery towards the skin.

Massage is also considered as one of the best home remedies for stretch marks which is used for a long time and is quite successful amongst numerous people. Massage can help in improving the circulation and also in the flow of blood around the body which can help in delivering the nutrients to your skin and the pressure which is involved in this technique can aid in breaking down the scar tissue.  These are some of the remedies which one must consider in getting rid of the stretch marks as quickly as possible.

Home Remedies For Pimples

Home remedies for pimples are highly effective and very simple. Besides running to the medicines and different types of chemicals, try these remedies and get rid of awful pimples easily. It is always an utter awfulness when someone notices a pimple, mostly this is more horrible a day before a presentation or audition or any important matter. So when you do not have time to rush to the pharmacy or medical stores for the curing creams and stuff, the home remedies are most useful and helpful cures for this. Here are some best and simple home remedies to get rid of awful pimples.

1. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes help minimize the inflammation and size of the pimple.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is very helpful home remedy for pimples and is very useful for the reduction of the pimple. You have to use a very little amount of it on that pimple when going to bed. And you will see the drastic reduction in the morning.

3. Oatmeal

Boil some oatmeal and when it gets cool then apply it to the face. Just lie down and leave it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face properly. The redness and swelling will be gone and you will see drastic reduction in the pimple size. The oatmeal face mask is effective, soothing and does not irritate at all.

4. Lemon extract

Apply some of the fresh juice of lemon to that pimple in order to reduce the intensity and size. Apply it and let it be on the pimples for the whole night and then wash it in the morning. But this lemon home remedy for pimples is only for the skin which is not that sensitive.

5. Vinegar

Add vinegar of a really less quantity on a pan (because more quantity might hurt), and then boil it for a while. If the skin is sensitive then boil vinegar along with some water. And for five minutes put the face above the pan.

6. Potato

Cut a slice of raw potato, place that slice over the pimple and let it be on for 5 to 7 minutes. This helps heal the swelling of pimples.

7. Cucumber

This is a one of the most effective home remedies for pimples. Apply sliced cucumber on the neck and face to treat the blackheads and pimples. This procedure should approximately take fifteen to twenty minutes.

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