Weight Loss Remedies

It is an axiomatic that in contemporary time because of the hectic schedule
more and more people are getting obese and facing over weight problem. The
tempting fast food containing heavy fat contents to which people succumb,
sluggish physical activities generally makes people to gain weight.

Everyone is over weight has a desire to loose weight it is as to have a pleasing personality.

By following a disciplined diet plan, weight can be reduced to a large extent. Through balanced diet plan which consists of low calories and low saturated fats we can reduce weight. Dieting does not mean that we starve and keep ourselves hungry because keeping your stomach is not an appropriate way of dieting. Rather with the required quantity of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calories should be taken during the period of dieting. A balanced diet should contain vegetables and meat rather than fats and dairy products highly enriched with fats which can increase the cholesterol and can cause cardiac problems. One should make sure not to skip meals.

Psychologically we will have to be patient. We have to keep ourselves stress free because stress can be detrimental which can increase the weight. Moreover, Exercise has proven very helpful in loosing weight. Aerobic exercise is one of the important exercises which can reduce weight. Also by lifting weights we can burn our calories. To reduce one pound of weight, one has to do away with about 3500 calories. For a disciplined diet plan, maintain for 2 or 3 weeks counting calories, grams of proteins and grams of fat intakes.

Flu remedies

Flu is the common name for Influenza that is often known as common cold.
Flu is generally caused by a virus that is highly contagious. In the case of flu,
the usual signs that are visible are weakness, muscle pains, sneezing and
fever that can run for many days.

During Influenza, one finds constantly running nose and body pain that is often accompanied with chest congestion and neck pain. It is usually suggested that if one frequently faces the problem of flu, one should go for vaccines. However, if one wants to use some home remedies that are easy and cause no side effects, then, one should go for Vitamin C rich food that has natural anti-oxidants that help in reducing the virus infection to some extent. Apart from it, one can also use Turmeric, Ginseng, Bilberry and Green Tea that help in providing almost instant comfort by providing relief in severe conditions of chest and nasal blockage. One other flu remedy is Beta Glucan that is found in oats. Beta Glucan helps in strengthening the immune system of the body by providing immunity against influenza virus.

As Influenza is a highly contiguous virus, if you have small kids in your house make sure that they remain away from the patient as they are at risk of getting the viral infection that can be spread easily through the air in the form of sneezes. Thus, make sure that you take all the precautionary measures on time when you are suffering form influenza and cold.

Insomnia Remedies

Sleep disorder is not a new term in the history of medical pathology as it has
been an age old problem where the patient finds it difficult to sleep. This is
coupled with difficulty in relaxing. However, it may be seen that insomnia is
caused due to excessive depression or anxiety that makes one feel unable to
sleep at night.

Some of the other causes of insomnia are the use of drugs, smoking and drinking habits. If one is taking large amounts of caffeine, it can also induce the problem of insomnia. In order to cure form the problem of insomnia, it is very important to cut short the use of caffeine rich products such as tea and coffee.

There are many herbal remedies that help in easing the condition of the patients. Primarily, the patient should try to inculcate good eating habits and eat food that is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. This helps in maintaining the proper metabolism of the body, along with regulating sleep patterns. If the patient takes St. John’s Wort, it will help him/her immensely in relaxing and that will improve his/her sleep. Some of the other highly recommended food items include alfalfa, chamomile, cayenne, dandelion, fennel seed, parsley, paprika and peppermint. Thus, a good diet and tee totaling habits will certainly help in improving the problem of insomnia by providing sound sleep. Thus, if you want some household insomnia remedies, try to follow the above stated remedies and you will surely find improvement in your sleep patterns.

Gout Remedies

Gout is considered to be an old age problem that leads to swelling and pain
in the joints and persistent difficulty while walking. Medically, the problem of
gout is caused due to the deposit of uric acid in the joints that leads to
reduced mobility. When uric acid increases, it forms crystals in the joints that
cause swelling.

Once the swelling takes place, the patient is unable to move frequently as it is a painful condition. However, the reason of gout given by many doctors is that it is caused by lack of nutritious food which leads to high levels of uric acid. Thus, it is very important that you eat a balanced diet that is full of green leafy vegetables that help in managing the healthiness of the body.

However, if you are planning to use some home made remedies, then, it is a great idea since that will help in providing a certain amount of relief to the patient. Some of the common methods that are used in the treatment of gout include ice packs that help in easing the swelling and inflammation that is a persistent problem faced by the patients of gout. One can also use Epsom Salt that which is a highly recommended solution that is rich in Magnesium. It helps in providing comfort and relaxing to the muscles, easing out the constant pain. It is also useful in sustaining the flow of blood in the joint area. This provides strength. Apart from all these home remedies, one can also take tranquillizers and relaxants that help in reducing the pain.

Fever Remedies – Numerous Treatments Available

Fever means an increase in the body temperature.  The main cause
of fever is when the immune system fights the viruses and bacteria that can
harm human body. This is the best weapon we have to fight various diseases
and infections.

The temperature of a normal human body ranges from 97 to 99 degree Fahrenheit. A body temperature above this level is called to be ‘fever’. As this is a very common condition, people have now come up with certain home remedies to treat it. However, consulting a physician is also a good idea.

A few home remedies for the treatment of fever are:

  • Water – Drinking a lot of water is of great help as it brings down the temperature of the body and also replaces the lost liquids of the body.
  • Atmosphere change – Sudden change in atmosphere should be avoided and patients should take rest.
  • Try to replace your diet of solid food with a liquid diet.
  • Take cool baths for a few minutes to lower the temperature. This is especially recommended for children. Do not give any dose of aspirin to them.
  • Mild sweating by covering the patient with blanket also helps to reduce the temperature. Drinking hot water can also be of great help.
  • Also, avoid food that is difficult to digest. Steamed or boiled vegetables are a better option.
  • Any kind of exertion or exercise should be avoided.
  • The powder of fenugreek seeds can be boiled and taken immediately to bring down the temperature.

Besides this, there are several other remedies and medicines that can be taken to treat fever. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if it increases to more than 102 degree Fahrenheit.

Natural Remedies for Hypertension

A Blood pressure which is more than 145/80 is said to be
high blood pressure. This is generally due to tension or the stressful life lead
by people these days along with unhealthy food habits and lifestyle.

The symptoms of hypertension do not surface easily, so it is advisable to go for a regular check up so that if there is any problem, it is diagnosed at an earlier stage and can be treated properly. Kidney failure and heart attack are some of the major problems that an individual might have to bear if his hypertension is not treated at the right time.

However, there are many medicines that are prescribed these days by the physicians depending upon the individual. There are also several natural ways of keeping a check on high blood pressure.

Garlic – Swallowing one or two garlic cloves with water every day helps to lower the blood pressure by 5-10 %.

Hawthorn – This is a tonic that is known for ages to reduce the blood pressure. A dosage of 100-300 mg is recommended at least 3 times a day.

Ginkgo Biloba – This is an effective herbal medicine to cure several cardio-vascular problems that include hypertension as well. It is a stimulant and reduces the restriction of blood vessels that leads to hypertension.

Honey – Last but not least is honey, which has many health benefits that also includes helping control hypertension. Mixing a tablespoon of ginger, cumin powder and honey is a great relief for patients of hypertension. Taking of this amalgamation twice a day is a great remedy.

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